Thank you for your interest in our service! Here are Q&A something you might wonder. This information will help you decide to do your eyebrows with us!


What service should I choose ?

Basically I recommend you the best method to achieve the best result. You can choose the service of course. However if it doesn’t suit your current conditions, I would recommend you better options.


Should I book a consultation and service separately ?

No. The consultation is included in service. However, if you are unsure about the service before you do the eyebrows, you can come in for a consultation only. Then you can make an appointment another time later. The consultation fee will be reduced from the full price on your next visit.


I have done eyebrows before, can you fix it?

It is depending on your existing colour. If you’ve done semi permanent tattoo before so  the colour is reddish, orange, brownish or other light faded colour, YES we can correct your brows. If you do mind the colour goes darker than exisiting colour, I would recommend you to remove it first.

 However if you’ve done old fashioned TATTOO 5-10years ago so the colour is blue, green or dark grey, SORRY we don’t do the service over it. In this case I would recommend you to remove it first.

Fixing eyebrows can’t be natural as NEW BROWS. 


I did my brows elsewhere not long ago. Just want touchup service.

We don’t usually service single touchup service from elsewhere. No matter how dark they are or when did you get them done. However on rare occasions I offer the service so please text us with your brows picture and details.


I am pregnant/ breastfeeding. Can I have my eyebrows done?

We do not recommend it. As you will be laying flat for quite some time, which could be uncomfortable for you. A letter from your doctor will be required – please contact us in advance to discuss.


Price, Discount & Special Offer

We do not make our service cheaper price for individual request. We offer SPECIAL PROMO every month. 🙂 Please keep your eyes on out page.

Have more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us !