Semi-permanent makeup


Eyebrows Consultation ONLY $50 (without treatment)

**This Amount will be deducted from your treatment. The treatment should be booked within 2weeks from the consultation. 🙂


Microblading $490

PhiBrows Microblading $590

Micro Shading $540

Combination (Microblading+Micro shading) $540

Powder Gradation $540


Lash Enhancement(Top only) $490

 Complimentary Touch-up

All new procedures include 1 complimentary touch-up to fill in gaps and fix the shape that did not make it from the initial treatment within 4-8 weeks.

If you passed 8 weeks, it will be charged at $20 per month from the 9th week. (Phibrows clients : $25 per month from the 9th week)

Further Touch-up

On rare occasion some clients may require a 3rd treatment to complete the desired look and this will cost an additional $100 if within 8 weeks of the complimentary touch-up. (Phibrows clients : $125)

Annual Touch-up for returning client

 Touch-up treatments will be charged at $20 per month from last paid treatment. Minimum charge of  10 months 

(E.g: 7 months = $200, 10 months = $200, 16months = $320)

 **Touch-up treatments for PhiBrows Microblaidng will be charged at $25 per month from last paid treatment. Minimum charge of  10 months

(E.g: 8 months = $250, 10 months = $250, 16months = $400)


WE ARE SORRY TO INFORM YOU THAT WE DON’T SERVICE SINGLE TOUCH-UP TREATMENT  FROM ELSEWHERE. No matter how dark they are or when did you get them done. 

IF YOU STILL HAVE OLD TATTOO ON YOUR BROWS, ACTUALLY IT IS HARDER. IT NEEDS A LOT MORE EFFORT. Therefore single treatment is may not enough to cover up the existing colour and shape. I hope you are understanding it. 🙂

*Impotant : Prices are subjected to change at anytime. Rates may increase with travel and guest appearances of special circumstances.